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Frequently Asked Questions

No, please wait a month from your last wax appointment and be clean shaven before laser hair removal.

Some are a little uncomfortable for a short time. For treatments that are most uncomfortable we will discuss using a topical numbing agent.

Some of our treatments require you not to wear makeup for 24-36 hours. Some will make the skin look a tad bit worse for up to 7 days before it looks better.

We would recommend doing our services first or waiting 2 weeks after Botox or fillers for laser treatments.

Yes, we customize treatments to very skin condition with the goal of making that condition better.

Yes, but we will discuss appropriate before and after care.

We would recommend getting as little sun exposure before having a laser treatment as possible.

No, please have it removed prior to any laser treatment.

No, we will ask you to wait for lasers.

Yes, we will adjust products for safety.

Not at this time.

That depends on the condition of your skin to begin with and how compliant you are with our home care recommendations.

That depends on several factors. We will discuss that in detail during your consultation.

We offer complimentary consultations so one of our experienced aestheticians/ laser technicians can advise on the best course of action.

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